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‘The Man of Steel’ Project- Showcasing the regions engineering expertise

Sep 20, 2013 | 3D Scanning, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Design, Innovation, News

PES Performance is one of the businesses supporting the Man of Steel Yorkshire icon project, offering our engineering design expertise and also support in marketing and raising finance. 

We believe in the Yorkshire Icon project because it is a strong regional project that encompasses everything we believe in. From an engineering perspective it identifies with the region’s strong engineering and manufacturing heritage. It identifies with the present and showcases how the region is a centre of excellence in advanced engineering and technology……. The very reason we established our business on the AMP.

Man_of_steel_his_res_-_Copy_(2)The project is also symbolic of the future and challenges old thinking and perceptions. It’s a great opportunity to shout about the region’s capabilities, and the real innovative businesses, operating at the front of modern engineering and manufacturing practices.

It will showcase what modern engineering is about and why we need to establish a strong foundation; educating both the region’s current generation and the next generation to support this massive opportunity for the region’s economy to be the UK’s future lead in engineering excellence.

The Man of Steel will take a huge amount of technical and manufacturing expertise to make it a reality and as part of that process the team are driving a STEM-aligned educational focus through links with the UTC Sheffield and local schools. The project’s funding and income mechanism, which will not use public sector money, will support workshops and apprentices for the region’s next generation.

FMoSAMP web2The Yorkshire Icon will also be a proud statement and gateway to the county, helping to raise awareness and understanding of the region, nationally and internationally. It has already been estimated in a recent economic report by Sheffield Hallam University that the Man of Steel could contribute over £9m a year to the regional economy.

The Man of Steel may not be to everyone’s taste from a design perspective, however we align with Steve Mehdi’s vision, not only as an art piece, with function, but to ensure it becomes an iconic piece identifying with all the past ,present and future strengths of the region.  It is not planned to be just an inert sculpture on a hill; it will be a living and interactive venue, reaching out by supporting the region and representing the region on the national and international stage.

Man_of_Steel_1The Man of Steel will also only become a reality because the local people and private business sector in the region support it through, in-kind support and donations. It will be built not because of a famous artist on commission, or paid for by a regional council; it has no political boundaries.  The Man of Steel will exist because of the majority support from the region to make the icon a reality. The Yorkshire Icon will be built with Yorkshire steel, through Yorkshire technological and engineering skills, by regional businesses that support the future economy and young of the region.

We are incredibly proud as a company to be part of this project and our team believe in it passionately. Our support of the Man of Steel Yorkshire Icon will not end when the final part of the stainless steel structure is in place; that will be the starting point and as our company grows it will work with the project’s collaborative team to ensure the values and beliefs of the icon are a benefit to the region and the coming generations.

Man of Steel Yorkshire Icon website.

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