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GOM TRITOP – Optical 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

What can we offer?
The GOM TRITOP system takes high resolution 2D images of an object and creates an accurate 3D coordinate framework based on digital photogrammetry techniques. The system is portable as the equipment does not require any complex or heavy hardware and is typically hand-held.The system records coordinates from the coded markers and their orientation in space in the form of a point cloud; this data can be used in our Siemens NX CAD software to produce a 3D model of the object being scanned. Photogrammetry can be introduced into the 3D scanning process, where required as it enables the blue light 3D optical scanning system to provide more accurate results.
What equipment do we use?
Our engineering team use Siemens NX software, which provides integrated product design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to help you. As a result, we can design, simulate and manufacture products faster by enabling design decisions to be made in an integrated product development environment. For more information about the use and benefits of Siemens NX CAD software, click here.
6 Advantages of the TRITOP Technique
  1. Complete 3D measuring machine with minimum hardware requirements (2 cases with a total weight of 23 kg)
  2. The object is not touched during measuring
  3. Very high accuracy also for large objects
  4. No wear and tear, no decrease of accuracy
  5. Easy handling
  6. Independent of environmental conditions (climatic chamber, open air, etc)
For a full glossary of terms relating to our technology and 3D scanning, click here.

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