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Blue Light GOM Optical Scanning System

What can we offer?

We utilise a Blue Light GOM 3D optical scanning system (BLS) to deliver a number of specialised services for our clients. The PES Scanning team support clients using this system due to its accuracy, speed, flexibility and its non-contact nature.

The system can be used at any location around the world. Change of location does not affect the accuracy of the results as the blue light scanning technology has a low sensitivity to lighting conditions within the environment. So, in an ‘uncontrolled environment’ i.e. with a varying temperature and light, we can deliver an accuracy dependent on the volume of the item. For example, a 70mm measurement volume can produce a 29-micron (0.029mm) point spacing/resolution. However, in a more controlled environment these results can be improved further.

What is the GOM ATOS Compact Scan?

GOM ATOS Compact Scan is a blue light optical scanner which scans 3D objects and converts the images into high density point clouds.

Applications of the technology
Accuracy of the technology

We can achieve a resolution of 29 microns (0.029mm), using a 70mm measurement volume, and 481 microns (0.481mm), using a 1200mm measurement volume.

What are the benefits of using this technology?
  • Accuracy and repeatability of results.
  • Mobility of the system- it can be transported nationally and internationally, alternatively parts can be delivered and scanned at our offices.
  • A safe and proven system to use within clients’ business.
  • Fast and efficient data capture.
  • We can use this technology is a wide variety of sectors, to find out more about the sectors we have worked in, click here.
  • Multiple measurement volumes allow the system to adapt to the size of the object being measured.
  • Combination of ATOS and TRITOP systems allows capture of high resolution and fidelity data over large areas.
  • Calibration results and measurement temperatures are stored with scan data.

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