Lead Forensics


Our CT scanning system provides enhanced capabilities with versatility and product information that cannot be received anywhere else. It increases efficiency for our clients and provides a versatile range of results that can meet their exacting requirements.GOM ATOS 3D Scanner is a blue light optical scanner which scans 3D objects and converts the images into high density point clouds. The PES Scanning team support clients using this system due to its accuracy, speed and non-contact nature.The GOM TRITOP system takes high resolution 2D images of an object and creates an accurate 3D coordinate framework based on digital photogrammetry techniques. The system is relatively light and portable as is it typically hand-held.We take the data captured from our 3D optical scanning system and use it within the latest version of Siemens NX CAD software. This is the system of choice by major OEM’s, we want to meet this level of standard by using the widely recognised system.