We work with clients from across a number of sectors, including:

The PES Performance team are fully qualified aerospace engineers that provide design engineering services for a variety of aerospace applications, such as performance and optimisation.

Our team has worked on a number of energy-related projects such as wind turbine leading edge blade protection and reverse engineering heavy offshore turbine gearboxes.

PES Performance can provide: reverse engineering and optimisation to enhance performance of vehicles, 3D scanning for product evaluation and interior design.

We offer design optimisation services as we cross-pollinate technologies into new sectors and develop ideas to optimise the performance of our client’s products.

The team has a vast amount of applied engineering design that we use to deliver the best solutions in the demanding environment required by the Defence industry.

The team has delivered medical projects from bespoke operating equipment to design and development of prosthetic limbs, by applying F1 technology.

The team have worked with many athletes across multiple sporting environments. It’s about designing equipment to meet the capabilities of the athlete.

The skills of our engineering design teams are deeply rooted within high-performance engineering and were developed in the design engineering environment of Formula 1 and MotoGP.

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