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Product Optimisation Solutions

Optimisation solutions to maximise the performance of your product
What can we offer?
  • Whether it’s a modification to an existing design, or the design of a brand-new product, we offer our clients a range of product optimisation solutions to maximise the performance of a product within your budget.
  • Our applied knowledge of advanced technologies allows us to identify opportunities for cost, weight savings and manufacture, building these into the product design at an early stage.
  • Using the latest tools and techniques, our team can optimise the design of a new product, minimising requirements for expensive, iterative analysis and testing, and maximising performance and profitability.
What are Product Optimisation Solutions?
  • Product optimisation solutions enable changes or adjustments to be made to a product. This can make it more efficient, cost effective, desirable or innovative, and therefore give it a competitive advantage within its market.

For a full glossary of terms relating to design and optimisation, click here.

Why is product optimisation becoming more important?
  • With ever increasing advancement in computer technology, optimisation is being increasingly applied to support product development and manufacturing.
  • The manufacturing industry is reaping the benefits of utilising optimisation in a number of ways, including improving product performance and reducing manufacturing or life cycle costs.
  • In the current market environments, the optimisation of products and equipment is the most cost-effective way to remain competitive and sustain or improve profitability. In the development of new concepts, the time invested in the initial design stages can be crucial to the success of the product. Also, the tools available to Design engineers is increasing and improving dramatically as technology evolves, opening up new opportunities.
Tools/Methods we use:

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