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Product Design

What can we offer?
  • Our design team can support your product design or concept from an idea through to a commercially viable product.
  • We provide solutions to companies of all sizes with the expertise, experience and network of contacts to develop disruptive and unique world-class products.
  • We will support you to optimise Intellectual Property right (IP) opportunities, through our experience and partnership with a top patent law firm. This includes optimising the value and design security of your product.
  • Once we have a digital representation of your concept, we can then move to the prototype stage and build a working representation of the final product. This can provide you with support to developing an investment proposition in order to take your product to the next development stages and ultimately to market.
  • Applying our commercial knowledge and engineering experience across multiple sectors to optimise your concept to a viable product.
Our product design services:
  • Inventor/Investor Partnerships
  • Grant Applications
  • Performance & Technology Development
  • Product Styling
  • Visualisation
  • Detailed Technical Design
  • Rapid Prototype to Proof of Concept
  • 1st Stage Prototype tooling
  • Prototype Manufacture
  • Testing, Development & Certification
  • Patents & IPR Protection
What is the product design process?
  • The concept and scoping stage of any product design project is most important; it sets the agenda and delivers ‘the vision’. Using the information from your brief, and our evaluation process, we explore various areas and generate different concept ideas.
  • We actively encourage you to be a part of the whole process and the design team. It is crucial to build a strong professional and collaborative relationship throughout the project to ensure the best possible design of your product is achieved to meet your expectations.
  • Our design engineering team can offer a full portfolio of services including a stress analysis and multi-disciplinary simulation, offering affordable access to the highest levels of simulation design technology available.
  • Our simulation capability allows our designs to be rigorously analysed and tested in the virtual environment early in the product design cycle. This allows problems to be eliminated at the design stage.
  • We are therefore able to offer innovative mechanical design solutions with greater performance, whilst minimising the amount of product testing required and therefore reduce the time-to-market.

If you would like to discuss your project and how our solutions can help you, then please call us for a chat

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