Lead Forensics

Digital Archiving

What can we offer?
  • Qualified and experienced engineers, with a combined experience across multiple sectors of over 35 years.
  • Linked to our reverse engineering and scanning services we can capture your data as an image or deliver you a model in CAD. Once we have captured the data we will pass the files onto you.
What is Digital Archiving?
  • Digital archiving is a key use of technology to ensure that prized, priceless or unusual items are captured, digitised and archived.
  • This service has become invaluable to many of our clients and the storage of digital information, especially for legacy parts, is an ideal method of storing information.
Digital archiving applications:
  • Data reference
  • Information comparison
  • Repair of original items that have become damaged, such as classic cars or aircraft
  • A record of valuable art such as sculptures

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