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What design support services can we offer?

Having a full-time research and development design team can be a very expensive luxury, especially when not part of your core business.

PES Performance work under monthly retainer payments to give clients the engineering, technical and design support they need. We work with our clients as an integrated design team to deliver dedicated and innovative design services which meet our client’s requirements.

If our clients require, we will act and communicate under the name of the company and will represent our clients as a ‘team member’ at technical meetings. This approach adds a valued design support service to our clients and can work as an additional service to complement their core business by offering design services for their clients.

Design support services:
Contract Designers

Do you want the peace of mind and assurances of working with a professional and experienced team, who have full responsibility for delivering your needs and a commercial interest in your project, on time and on budget?

We have seen many clients hire contract designers through agencies. This certainly helps to deliver a service, however, it does have a few risks and potentially unnecessary costs on extended projects and gives no liability insurances when dealing with an unknown contractor.

We can offer a full project design support service and can negotiate very competitive support for extended projects, and in most cases our team will deliver projects by reducing the delivery time. We have built relationships with a number of our clients delivering medium to long term projects at a competitive rate and giving them the assurances that we have the resources and ability to fully support the project.

Design team support

Many companies require additional support on particular projects or require expertise in an area they have not currently had any experience. We can complement your team to deliver on fast turnaround projects or where an additional resource is required. We can offer a full design support service and additional services to complement your project.

If you would like to discuss your project and how our solutions can help you, then please call us for a chat

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