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CT Scanning

What is CT Scanning?

A process which uses X-ray equipment to produce three-dimensional representations of components both externally and internally. Computed Tomography (CT) scanning has the ability to see the inside features and components of a product, item, piece of equipment, etc. This is a huge advantage as they can be seen in their functioning position and can be analysed without disassembly.

What can CT scanning be used for?
  • Industrial CT scanning can be used in many engineering sectors for internal inspection of components.
  • Flaw detection
  • Failure analysis
  • Metrology
  • Assembly analysis
  • Reverse engineering applications
What are the benefits of CT Scanning?
  • Non-destructive test for inspection and metrology.
  • Reduced costs in creating the first CAD model due to data capture.
  • Design requirements for both internal and external components are validated quickly and accurately.
  • Product quality is improved to reduce the risk of recalls.
  • Internal complex features can be precisely measured without destructive testing.
  • Parts are scanned in a ‘free-state’ environment without fixtures applying stresses that could damage delicate parts or display warping not present in the part.
  • Rapid prototyping of the internal components can be completed without the task of creating the CAD file from scratch.

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