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Class ‘A’ Surfacing

What can we offer?
  • We provide our clients with workable, performance optimised design engineering solutions.
  • Our team are focused on delivering a personalised service, including innovative design solutions to engineering problems.
What is Class ‘A’ Surfacing?
  • Refers to those surfaces which are visible in a product either interior or exterior. This service is primarily used in the automotive environment and increasingly in consumer goods.
  • It is a requirement where aesthetics have a significant contribution. E.g. the exterior of automobiles is deemed Class ‘A’.
  • The ‘A’ class surfaces have continuous curvatures with no undesirable waviness.
What is Curvature continuity?
  • This means that at each point of each surface along the common boundary has the same radius of curvature and therefore the boundaries have been blended so no physical joint is present or visible.
Why would you require Class ‘A’ surfacing?
  • We all know that today’s products are not only designed considering the functionality, but special consideration is given to their form and aesthetics which is crucial in the perception and reality of a quality product to the consumer.
  • This quality is only possible with high-class finish and good forms. This is the reason why in design industries, Class ‘A’ surface is given more importance.

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