3D Industrial Scanning Services

3D Scanning and Photogrammetry:

Our sister company, PES Scanning utilise a 3D optical scanning system to deliver a number of specialised services for our clients. Photogrammetry is one of the techniques used within the scanning process and involves taking measurements of an object from photographs and used to improve the accuracy when scanning large items.

Planned Preventative Maintenance:

Our scanning team provide planned preventative maintenance (PPM) services. This service is all about minimising the risk of lost production time and reducing costs for our clients. In the anticipation of pre-digital parts failing, we are able to 3D scan key components and produce manufacturing drawings to produce spare parts.

Quality Inspection:

3D scanning is a fast, effective way to undertake quality inspection of your products. It can be used to compare a physical part or object against an ‘as designed’ digital model, or against a calibrated, assured control piece.

Reverse Engineering:

3D scanning is most commonly used in reverse engineering projects. It can be used when original drawings of a part or piece of equipment are not available, or where there are potential problems with the original data.

GOM ATOS 3D Scanner:

The team utilise a Blue Light GOM 3D optical scanning system to deliver a number of specialised services for our clients. The system can achieve an accuracy resolution of 29 microns (0.029mm), using a 70mm measurement volume, and 481 microns (0.481mm), using a 1200mm measurement volume.

CT Scanning facilities:

We also offer CT scanning services using one of the leading 3D computed tomography systems in the world. This state-of-the-art equipment provides the most advanced industrial x-ray inspection services.

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