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Analysis Simulation Testing Services

We have a range of analysis, simulation and testing tools at our disposal, including Finite Element Analysis (FEA). These can introduce into the design process, preferably at an early stage of the development.

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Design Engineering Services

Our team have developed their extensive design engineering knowledge from years of experience working within high performance sectors. These include F1, automotive, aerospace, medical technology, elite sports and heavy engineering.

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Design Support Services

We can offer a full project design support service and can negotiate very competitive support for extended projects. This can include; full design support; technical support; consultancy and project management.

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Materials and Manufacturing

Our design engineers have experience working in multiple sectors and design for manufacture (DFM) is at the forefront of the engineer’s mind on any project. We can provide composite, additive layerand design for manufacture services.

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Research/Development Services

We offer a full spectrum of fully integrated Research / Development services. From providing performance optimisation solutions that resolve tactical or technical issues needing immediate attention, to developing long term programmes.

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Reverse Engineering Services

We work closely with our sister company PES Scanning to provide a full end to end solution from 3D Scanning and data capture through to manufacture. The team specialise in reverse engineering services and use various technologies to capture the data.

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