PES Performance join World-leading Sports Equipment Development Team

Feb 11, 2021 | Development, Innovation

Performance Engineered Solutions (PES) Ltd have announced their involvement in a new consortium which will undertake performance sports equipment development, and produce products for both elite athletes and teams and amateur sportspeople.

Nex-gensports will combine the world’s best performance sports design engineers, using hi-tech materials to produce sports products fully approved by the appropriate major sporting and testing authorities, and with provable performance data for every product sold.

Mike Maddock, our managing director explained the companies’ excitement in joining the Nex-gensports team. “This is a real endorsement for PES Performance to apply our diverse set of engineering design skills and to work closely with a team that have delivered at the highest levels in sport performance products.

“As a company we have the unique position of working in multiple, unrelated, high performance environments with the potential to cross pollinate innovative materials, technologies and processes and apply them into new sectors.

“Working in collaboration with the Nex-gensports team, we will identify opportunities and gaps in the competition and commercial markets. It will be an exciting environment in which to operate, embracing the dynamism of the group to deliver real solutions.”

Nex-gensports is the brainchild of Paul Farrell, founder and CEO of Leggera Technologies, one of the cycling industries leading components designers and suppliers.

Mr Farrell said; “I’ve previously worked with the team at PES on several hi-end cycling projects for various UK brands, so it is an enormous pleasure and privilege to welcome such a talented team of experts across so many fields into the Nex-gensports fold.

“They bring a massive collective wealth of experience with cutting-edge technology to the team. With several new joint projects already in the pipeline, expect to see some major announcements over coming months.”

Other partners in the Nex-gensports project include Dimitris Katsanis, a former technical director of UCI, and principal design consultant to the Team SKY / Ineos and UK national track cycling teams; Adam Gans, the former director of development and innovation at companies including Nike, Adidas, and Bauer, and; Paul Lew, a technical designer and the world’s recognized #1 bicycle wheel & aerodynamics expert.

Nex-gensports is the world’s first and only designer/manufacturer to consumer brand platform which allows consumers to buy exclusive sports equipment development products directly from the designer and factory that manufactures these products.


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