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Thoughts from Eurobike 2022 – Developing bike-based e-mobility products

Jul 15, 2022 | Design, Development, News

After visiting the Eurobike 2022 show this week in Frankfurt it is clear that there has been a step change in the adoption of many types of bike-based e-mobility products, evidenced by the amount of new ‘global’ companies out there.

Some of these companies have seen some serious investment and flourished over the past few years, like CaGo and Babboe, whilst lots have failed to jump over the line and get to production quickly enough, leading to many that have sadly gone under.

In such a relatively new market sector, it’s a fine balance of meeting all the needs of the consumer at the right price with the right supply chain geared up and ready, whilst also satisfying all the stakeholders and investors. Juggling all that and getting to market quickly is the key challenge.

The successful projects that we have been involved with at PES Performance have seen a need/gap that their solution addresses, understood their budget, focussed purely on getting the product ready and then introduced the product to market, and have done this quickly!

Too many times have we seen this executed poorly and eventually the budget’s gone before getting the project to a production stage, and / or finding out that other people have moved quicker to take the share of that particular market.

We are fortunate at PES Performance to have a broad depth of skills from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, and we seriously understand product development. We understand the need to concept, prototype, develop and test as quickly as possible, we’ve built our business and reputation on it. Plus, we also have a huge portfolio of technical partners to back up our design expertise.

If you’re interested in taking an e-mobility idea through the product development steps and you need real support, then don’t hesitate to get in contact to see how we can help you.

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