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Our Social Values Policy


This policy provides an effective framework for realising our commitment to maintaining and where possible enhancing the Social Value we create in the communities we work within, both as an employer and a provider of services.

This policy applies to all PES Performance employees, associates, and third parties who undertake activity for and on our behalf. It applies to the goods and services we procure, our direct operations and the services we provide to our customers.

Introduction and Purpose

PES Performance are fully committed to creating a sustainable inclusive society creating a future where everyone has a chance of a better quality of life, through new skills, investment, and opportunity.

Social Value is, therefore, intrinsic in everything we do, and we promote sustainability and responsible business practices in a way which optimises positive impact, on the communities we work within through: –

Employment and Skills:

    • Creating local employment opportunities within the areas that we work
    • Enabling local people to obtain the skills needed to access employment
    • Upskilling our employees to equip them with new skills for the future
    • Removing barriers to employment within engineering related fields for underrepresented & disadvantaged groups.

 Health and Safety:

    • Implement policies and procedures to establish safe working practices for all whilst working for, or with, PES Performance.
    • Ensure that all our people are trained and competent in health and safety practices.
    • Work with our employees to ensure our philosophy of a culture of care is maintained.

Environment & Climate Change:

    • Implement policies and procedures to minimise the environmental impact associated with our business activities.
    • Seek to reduce our carbon footprint, minimise waste and energy consumption by using resources efficiently to maximise value, such as provision of recycling facilities to reduce paper supplies and other materials such as plastic, glass which can be recycled.
    • Promoting sustainable and ethical procurement.

Community Engagement:

    • Implement policies and procedures to minimise any adverse impacts associated with our activities upon local communities.
    • Procuring goods and services locally, where possible, so as to benefit the local economies within which we operate.

 Our People:

    • Sustainability of the workforce means retaining skilled employees and bringing new workers into the sector via Apprenticeships and Trainee programmes.
    • Implement policies and procedures to ensure that we have sufficient competent and capable employees to meet our sustainability vision.
    • Working with local school and colleges, training providers, industry bodies to establish, generate wider interest in the industry and inspiring females and other groups to work within the engineering sector.
    • Actively encourage our employees to engage with local good cause initiatives and charitable events.
Social Value Review

PES Performance will ensure that the Social Value Policy is communicated to our employees, supply chain partners and relevant interested parties and review it periodically and consider any Legislative changes. We will seek to continuously look to improving our standards, efficiency, and effectiveness.



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