Lead Forensics

Carl Mason – Senior Metrology Applications Engineer

Managing Director


Carl joined PES Performance from his previous consultancy roles with Airbus UK and the National Composites Centre, where he has provided metrology and manufacturing engineering support to a wide variety of aerospace, automotive, defence, power generation and marine projects.

These projects ranged from development of composite (CFRP) fan blade in-process inspection processes for Rolls-Royce through to novel high volume wing architecture and manufacturing processes, such as Root Joint, integrated wing skins, and folding wing tips for Airbus Wing of tomorrow (WoT).

He has a long history within aviation manufacturing and production but for the last 12 years Carl has predominantly worked within research and technology (R&T) environments. This has included supporting conceptual design and manufacture activities and engaging in initial concept and process design with the engineering design teams to ensure the application of design for manufacture and inspection. After these stages, Carl subsequently following the projects through to the down-selection of the appropriate technology, and final developments from the concept stages into pre-production testing and validation.

Because R&T has a strong focus on reliable data to advise the decision process, Carl has extensive skills in the application of metrology principles and processes and has relished the challenge this can sometimes bring.